Fight Against Poverty and Hunger: Charity For Israel 

Fight Against Poverty and Hunger: Charity For Israel 

In Israel, many struggling families face numerous obstacles because of the current socio-economic climate. Even middle-class households may have difficulty keeping track of their basic expenses. It is a much more serious problem for the poor in Israel. The Israeli government has a number of initiatives to help those living in poverty, but it does not go far enough to ensure that their families can access food, clothing, and education. This situation is obviously disastrous. Families and children go without three nutritious meals every day.

Children, the elderly, and anyone else who needs help are taken care of at Meir Panim, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. When everyone else kept their distance, we held hands with hungry and distraught people. Moreover, we are deeply concerned and working for charity for Israel.

Donate to Israel and lend a helping hand today

At the beginning, we knew that poverty was not an isolated phenomenon. In providing food to the hungry, families living in poverty may be alleviated of their immediate needs, but poverty will still exist. To break the cycle of poverty once and for all, we have developed a “full service” humanitarian solution. As a non-profit organization committed to eradicating poverty in Israel, we rely heavily on donations. As direct partners in our business, we are grateful for all of your support.

Anytime, anywhere, you can donate. The most important thing is that we are committed to using every penny of your contribution for the needs of the needy people in Israel. Please lend a helping hand to us today so that we all can make a difference together.