Why Concept Learning is Beneficial: 3 Reasons to Test at Triamudom School

You’ve probably taken tests in school before, but what exactly is concept learning? As you may have guessed, concept learning involves acquiring fundamental concepts in addition to basic facts and details. At Triamudom School, they focus on this teaching method because it can enhance your critical thinking skills and prepare you for college coursework or even your first career job. Here are three benefits of concept learning by taking a test at Triamudom School [สอบ เตรียม อุดม, which is the term in THAI].

Learn Concepts, in Theory, Then Apply Them

Remember your grade school teachers urging you to apply what you’ve learned in real life? Well, guess what—they were right. It would be best if you had a solid grasp of concepts in theory before being able to apply them. An excellent test-taking mentality will give you an edge when it comes time for that algebra exam and, even better, help you make critical decisions down the road when applying what you know at work or in everyday life. 

Develop Better Study Habits

If you aren’t as successful in your academic studies as you’d like, there could be a few reasons. Some students may not have had many examples of studying from their teachers or parents when they were younger, so they don’t know what is practical or isn’t. Others might need guidance and a schedule that works for them. A great way to develop good study habits is by seeking out someone who can help you examine your strengths and weaknesses. Teachers are a great resource, but parents and friends can provide a different perspective that may help you think of something you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. 

Learn How To Succeed Without Being a Perfectionist

Perfectionism is a term often used for lacking belief in one’s ability. In other words, perfectionists are plagued by an inability to feel adequate or good enough and therefore feel incapable of truly excelling, even if they achieve high-performance levels. Perfectionists set impossibly high standards for themselves and others and beat themselves up when those standards aren’t met.