5 Tips to Win at Free Competitions in the UK

Competition and freebies are great marketing tools for companies. With the internet, it has never been easier to run a competition. However, not all contests are created equally. Some have tricky rules or confusing prizes. Others don’t even provide you with a list of winners! Here are five steps to running a successful free competition in the UK:


Make It Easy for Entrants 


The first thing to remember is that you want people to enter your competition. Make sure it’s easy for entrants to find and participate in the competition. You can do this by providing clear instructions, including a link and a phone number if necessary.


Keep the Terms and Conditions Clear 


The first step to running a competition is ensuring the terms and conditions are clear. Make sure there are no hidden costs or clauses that may come back to bite you later!


Provide a List of Winners 


Your first step is to provide a list of winners. Your customers need to know that they enter, and then can win. This will help them feel more confident in your company and the competition you are running.


Say No to Any Sneaky Extras or Clauses 


One of the most important things to do is say no to any sneaky extras or clauses. You should always read the small print and make sure that you can meet all the terms and conditions of the competition. Watch out for any clauses that say you need to buy a certain product in order to enter the competition or be ‘liked’ on Facebook. You want people to enter your competition because they want to, not because they feel obligated.


You’re Running a Competition, Not Selling a Product


It’s important to remember that you are running a competition and not selling a product. The goal of competitions is to get people involved, and not give away your product.  You don’t always have to offer prizes or rewards for people who participate in the competition. If you have created a creative way of engaging with customers but don’t have anything tangible to offer as an incentive, it’s time for some creativity. Offer discounts or vouchers, a chance of becoming a member of the team or getting exclusive access, an invitation to special events – there are many things you can do as an incentive for participation!


So, now you know how to attract more entrants to your competition and how to keep the entry process easy. You know how to make it clear what the terms and conditions are, how to avoid any sneaky extras or clauses and when to say no to any product sales. But the most important thing you’ve learned is that you’re running a competition, not selling a product. Instead of people feeling like they’ve ‘lost’ a competition, you want them to feel ‘won’. You want them to feel like they’re going to have fun and enjoy the experience of entering your competition.