What Are Ruger Vaquero Holsters?

The Ruger Vaquero is a six-shot single-action revolver, and all that matters about the revolver is the look. The users are enthusiastic about the guns and the holsters. Ruger vaquero holsters are great in look, unique and perfect fit in terms of the size of the gun. The excellent quality Ruger vaquero holsters should have high-quality leather, which gives a standard product. Holsters are available in other materials like nylon, synthetic, or hybrid. The most preferred material for holsters is leather.

The revolver comes in blued steel, case-colored, and glossy stainless steel finish. The handgun is known best for its ease of firing and accuracy. For carrying and holding the gun intact, you need to have a holster. There are lots of choices for Ruger vaquero holsters.

Selecting a Ruger vaquero holster depends on the barrel size, and it could be anywhere between 4 inches to 6 inches length wise. If the handle is of wood, then the weight of the handle is also added. The leather material is the best to hold and protect the hand gun. The holster should be a perfect fit for the handgun to hold and protect the gun for your safety and the people around you.

 Below mentioned are four choices for Ruger vaquero holsters.

  1. Western Express-Right-for 6 inch Brown Smooth Leather Gun Holster

This holster is best for anyone who owns large size model gun and does not give much importance to the look. Made with soft leather and an easy belt loop, it is very much comfortable to wear. It is cheap compared to other holsters.

  1. DeSantis DOC Holiday Cross Draw Holster

This holster gives a western-style look and has molding and good retention. The available colors are black or tan and both styles are left or right. The size of the gun that can be accommodated is limited.

  1. Barsony New Black Leather Cross Draw Ruger Vaquero Holster 

This holster is black and made of leather which is why it is soft. The leather is double shoulder cowhide. Ruger vaquero position will be in a way that it will be hanging from your belt. This holster is perfect for 4-inch Ruger Vaquero, which fits smaller models of the handgun, has double shoulder cowhide, and has no messy straps or loops. It is good to hold 3.25” barrel revolvers.

  1. BIANCHI 1L Lawman Holster

This holster fits a 4.75-inch Ruger vaquero revolver. It is only available color is tan. It is best suitable for right-hand or left-hand shooters. A thumb break is included in this holster which has a snap closure for high retention. This is the best Ruger vaquero holster you can choose for self-defense as this is reliable, with the best draw, and easy access to the handgun without any side effects and danger in your environment. The holster has the best retention, molding, and the desired fit in terms of security compared to other holsters. This is the most expensive one too.